Move from To (the easy way) is a free blogging platform created by Google. It allows anyone to create a blog using their gmail account.

Many people soon realize after using that there are limitations on blogger which can force you to switch to WordPress for better monetization and themes.

Here are the exact steps that we will use to transfer from Blogger to WordPress:

  1. Sign up with WordPress
  2. Export your Blogger blog
  3. Import Blogger to WordPress
  4. Setup permalinks on your new WordPress blog.
  5. Setup Blogger visitors to new WordPress posts

Before we begin, you can first sign up on, fairly easy and straightforward.

First what you would do is, backup your content on Log in to your account an go on Settings and then click Other.

In the Other menu, click on Back Up Content. You will download a .xml file.

2.Export your Blogger Blog

Once at your dashboard, click on tools and then import.

This will give you a few blog sites once you click import.

Once you click on Blogger you will be prompted to activate plugin and run importer.

Click Run Importer. A new menu will appear. Click Choose File and select the .xml file you’ve downloaded from your Blogger website. After that just click Upload file and import and you are done importing your website from Blogger to WordPress.

2. Right now, you’ve transferred all of your users, posts, comments from your Blogger website to WordPress but all your traffic will still go to your Blogger website. In order to fix that we would have to setup a redirection from your old website to your new one.

  1. Download and install the plugin. If you have any difficulties installing the plugin, you can refer to our guide on how to install WordPress plugins.
  2. Go to your Tools menu on your WordPress Admin Area Dashboard and select the Blogger To WordPress plugin.

In the plugins menu just click Start Configuration. The plugin will let you choose the domain of your blog. Click Get Code and you will receive a template code for your Blogger website.

Access your Blogger website and go to the Admin Area. Navigate to the Template menu and at the bottom of the page click Revert to classic templates.

The template menu will change and you will be able to edit the template HTML code. Copy the generated code from your plugin and replace the code of your Blogger Template HTML code. Click Save template 

You can test if the redirection is successful by clicking Verify Configuration in your plugin menu. ff done right, you will it will lead to your blog. Some bloggers think its hard to move from to WordPress but in reality its pretty simple and not time consuming. Switching to WordPress can have numerous benefits.

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