Rise Of The Millennial Housewife

Millennial women are a hard working generation, yet they’re more traditional than you’d think.Millennial women grew up immersed in technology butt when it comes to old school traditions, more millennial women are now working from home thanks to technology. This can only be beneficial for everyone.

Rise in today’s technology usage allows modern women the opportunity of working from mom. Millennial women can raise their kids and work at home. Most mothers will agree that caring for their family is the most fulfilling job in the world. Millennial women are saying you can do both.

Millennial women are doing what they must to provide for their families.. For stay at home moms who have children, about 56% prefer to stay home instead of working outside the home while 39% who don’t have children would prefer to take on the role of housewife. Studies also show stay at home moms that spend those early stages at home is better for their kids then being in child a care center, its a big plus.

The lack of proper maternity leave, the rising costs of childcare, unsupported or nonexistent family policies and the ever-present wage gap lead millennial women to take their futures by the reins and preside over their homes as stay at home moms, making money and a fulfilling life for their families as much as they can.

For many millennial women, staying at home is both a desire and a convenience, but its not a walk in the park. Taking care of a kid requires on the clock attention and these women add more work on top of it so they can do more than simply survive and subsist. It’s safe to say, Millennial women are not only the backbone of our society but also our families. Millennial women for the WIN!

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